Steve Hanson Windsor Chair Mk3

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Below are some images of my latest project the Steve Hanson Mk3 Windsor Chair 80 hours in the making over four weeks this chair is the 3rd Windsor arm chair I have made to date with many more now to follow. This chair is a contemporary look at the traditional Windsor comb back chair with a deep sculpted seat in walnut, multi centred turnings throughout in chestnut and distinctively carved armrest and crown also in walnut.

The walnut was purchased from a local sawmill supplying sustainably sources timber and the chestnut was cut from our own hedges. The walnut seat was constructed from two pieces biscuit jointed and glued and the arm rail and crown were also laminated constructions this gives a distinctive visual affect in the arm rail and crown but is almost indiscernible in the seat.

More details are available in the description of the individual photos.