Gift of Love

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Here is my latest chair the Gift of Love Windsor chair by Steve Hanson this one was conceived from the need to give a wedding present to a very special couple. Julie and Alun came here first to volunteer but have become very important trusted friends Alun even proposed at one of our end of Permaculture course parties in July 2012.

Alun & Julie

So what could be more special for the special people in our lives than an original hand made Windsor chair? So with that in mind I decided the chair had to some how say love both in its design and making. The heart is what we have come to understand as the origin of the feeling of love so a heart shaped seat and back rest seamed the obvious choice. Then big inviting arms so the chair invites you to sit and be held in the soft round curves of the indulgent red oak timber components. Ash spindles to contrast with the red oak and big bold curvaceous turnings to compliment the deep oak seat.

I have delayed the final sanding of the chair due to a nuthatch nesting in my workshop. Having been away for a couple of weeks and my workshop being quiet she thought one of my storage boxes would be a good place to nest.

Nuthatch NestAnyway below are the pictures of the chair before the nuthatch decided to sit and I can’t bring myself to disturb her for too long.